Free and Informal WorldBuilding Websites Pattern and Guide

Free and Informal WorldBuilding Websites Pattern and Guide


Worldbuilding websites is so crucial to the fantasy genre that it simply couldn’t exist without it. And that’s why you’ll find an excellent worldbuilding template below that you can download for free to help you bring some order out of chaos. But, as we will see, it is a difficult task.

You can also invent some of the best tips and tricks available, find a quiz to help get your ideas start, and discover names of inspirational sources and answers to some open-ended questions.

There are also many links to other great worldbuilding resources. A template is just the start; there is much to learn, and the journey is rewarding and exciting.

What is Worldbuilding in Fantasy? – Worldbuilding Websites

Define it in fantasy as building a fictional world different from the real world, except that it can exist in a natural setting. The creation of Harry Potter would be a case of a set that involves building a fantasy world within us. A sample of a unique secondary fantasy world would be Middle-earth.

Is Worldbuilding Necessary? – Worldbuilding Websites

Is Worldbuilding Necessary_ - Worldbuilding Websitesq

If you’re writing a sci-fi or fantasy novel set in a place other than our world, chances are worldbuilding remain required.

To connect the reader to the story, you need to be aware of the environment. And it’s your job as a writer to immerse them so much in that world that they’ll never want to leave. However, it’s important to remember that different types of stories require different levels of it. For example, an epic made-up novel is more likely to need more than a low fantasy novel set in our world. To help you better know how much time you should invest in building your world, I recommend you check out my guide, linked below. It provides insight into what I’ve come up with on the worldbuilding spectrum, what’s dictated by your genre and subgenre, and what’s needed for your story.

Worldbuilding Model: What Does it Cover?

My world building model is designed to provide structure to a process that can get pretty crazy. With so much to think about, it’s essential to focus on the things that matter.

I have spent hundreds of hours creating fantasy worlds, and I know what is essential. I also know the steps you need to take to build a world from scratch. That’s why this world building template invites you to create the physical landscape first: forests, rivers, mountains, and seas, among others.

Once you have a solid kind of how your world works, it’s easy to locate your cities, towns, and villages and start thinking about which characters might inhabit them.

The model will then invite you to delve into the artistic side of her fantasy world and request you to define the likes of the party-political landscape, religious views, the food people eat, and the outfits they like to wear, among other things.

What Are The Profits of Using a World Builder Template?

Creating a fantasy world is hard, and I’m sure you figured it out, even after a few hours of trying. While immensely fun and rewarding, it’s easy to get lost in the maze-like task. In addition to the amount of building required, another downside is knowing what is worth a conference on and what you need for your story. That’s where a worldbuilding template, like the free one above, comes in. Offering a variety of simple prompts, it brings order to a chaotic process.


It focuses your mind on the fundamentals of what you need while giving you room to grow. After all, it is just a template, and you can adjust and modify it according to your needs. And you don’t need to limit this model to the fantasy genre. You can use it for sci-fi worlds or even stories set in our world.

Is it Helpful to Start With an Invented World Building Template? – Worldbuilding Websites

As a creator of imaginary worlds, you may already be aware of the tests you face, some of which we’ve covered in this guide. A question I often get is whether or not it’s helpful to start with a fantasy worldbuilding template before you start jotting down ideas. The answer is yes and no.

Let’s look at the positive side first. If you decide to use a pattern or list, you’ll likely have all of this crucial information in one document. By not having a point of organization, you run the risk of writing something down and losing it or not remembering it precisely (it happens all the time).

The flip side is that you can find yourself creatively shackled. You cannot deviate from the questions being asked, which could affect your ability to come up with something new and original. Working from a series of prompts, there is a chance that you will fall into the trap of following this pattern of rigid worldbuilding. That said, if you’re mindful of this risk before you start creating and keep it in mind, you can use these worldbuilding guidelines as a basis for playing and switching later.


Whether you’re writing a fantasy novel or making a game-playing game, worldbuilding can be fantastic. It’s easy to reason with cool ideas, but memory them, exploring them, and tying them together can be a challenge. Luckily, tons of apps can help you build fantastic fantasy worlds for whatever purpose you need.

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