The 7 Best Lego Building Websites

The 7 Best Lego Building Websites


lego building websites The only limit is your imagination; these plastic bricks can create bandit ships, space stations, stadiums and much more. LEGO is also home to renowned brands such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel.

If you want to expand your LEGO fandom beyond the bricks, you can also enjoy movies, TV shows and games. Additionally, there are many awesome LEGO websites. If you’re looking for LEGO fun online, we’ve got you covered.

Lego Designs – Lego Building Websites

Lego Designs - Lego Building Websites

Do you dream of deceitful your own LEGO set? Well, with LEGO Ideas, that dream could come true. That’s because it’s an official LEGO website where you can share your creations and ideas. If your design has 10,000 followers, the LEGO team will review it and perhaps make it an official set.

You can also exercise your LEGO skills with fun public challenges and enter contests for a chance to win a prize. Simply put, LEGO Ideas is a way to express your inspiration and be inspired by other builders. So if you’re weary of all the endless LEGO Star Wars sets, show the LEGO Business what you want to see produced.


While it’s an obvious choice, I’d be remiss not to mention the official LEGO website. When you launch the site, you have two options: enter the LEGO Shop or the Play Zone.

If you go for the former, you can browse and shop for all of the current LEGO sets available in your area. Don’t overlook joining the LEGO VIP club, which gives you points for everything you buy that you can then use to get discounts.

The Play Zone is the most kid-focused section of the website, filled with LEGO games and videos that kids can have fun with. Of course, there is also a lot of information about the LEGO games.

Brick Link – Lego Building Websites

BrickLink is the best platform to buy and sell LEGO bricks and sets locally and internationally. It is a marketplace for genuine LEGO products. Every LEGO item you can think of is available in their catalogue, although some LEGO sets are rare, so buy fast after they’re listed.

BrickLink also offers LEGO set design package, and you can upload your makings to the site to share with others. There’s also a retro chat room if you’re looking for a traditional way to chat with fellow LEGO enthusiasts.

Minifigs Me

It’s cool to play with LEGO minifigures, but wouldn’t it be better if you could develop a LEGO character? Thanks to, you can. This service allows you to design your own LEGO mini figure built from original parts. You choose your head, hair, torso, legs and fittings, and they are delivered right to your doorstep.

There are also plenty of pre-existing models to choose from, including public and types that don’t exist in typical LEGO sets. Products like Pokémon, Studio Ghibli, The Witcher, and The X Files have time to shine. It will be a perfect gift for any LEGO fan.

Legoizer – Lego Building Websites

If you want to build a LEGO fresco, figuring out which bricks you need and in what order to create them is incredibly complicated. Take all that work out with Legoizer. Of course, you’ll still need to make it, but this site lets you upload any image (drag a copy from your computer to the marked area), which it then converts to LEGO colours and brick units.

It tells you exactly what colour and size of bricks you need, then gives you line-by-line instructions on how to put them together to create your mural. It’s incredibly convenient and works effortlessly.

Lego Wear

If your kids love LEGO, consider surprising them with official LEGO clothing from LEGO Wear. The clothes are aimed at children from zero to 14 years old, designed to be stylish and allow young people to play freely.

You can shop for outerwear, tops, pants, accessories and more, all available in fun colours and prints. Many items have a subtle LEGO theme, so your child won’t be a walking advertisement. It’s much more inventive than just putting a LEGO logo on something.


One of the best shares of using Mecabricks is that you can create unique creations for your kids by combining the Lego bricks you have purchased with the brick-building systems included in the program. Utilizing this LEGO design software makes it easy to create exciting and imaginative building competitions that include all participants or a small group of children.

The software allows you to view the finished product in advance to ensure everything matches, then remove any that don’t. You can even save and name separate bricks so they can be used later in other building competitions. It also contains instructions and ideas for building a fun car with the Mecabricks blocks, like a Batmobile or a fantastic aeroplane.


Lego building websites inspires creativity in all its methods, and these websites demonstrate this. Maybe they inspired you to develop your next LEGO masterpiece, or perhaps you found a space to talk about your hobby. Either way, you’re never too old for LEGO.

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