5 Best Resume Website Builders

5 Best Resume Website Builders


The best resume website builders make it simple and easy to create a resume and provide the top method to get the job you need.

If you’re looking for a new vocation, you can’t stop putting effort into every step of the application process, which means writing your resume well. And to stand out, you must create one with an eye-catching design and relevant information.

The best resume builders transform your resume into a bold, eye-catching document, and you may not even have to spend any money. The best free templates to use with a proven victory rate – templates that have helped people land their dream job. There are abundant options if you also want to spend the money. Many resume builders will go above and beyond the best free alternatives if you donate a little money.

1. Square space – Resume Website Builders

Squarespace offers clean, minimalist resume templates with eight options under the “Personal & Resume” category. The designs are professional and modern, with an editing feature that allows you to switch between different templates without losing applied customizations. This website will enable you to use effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies so that hiring professionals can easily spot the right keywords, thus adding more value to your document.

2. Zety – Best Resume Website Builders

With over 20+ resume templates in different colour palettes, Zety helps you choose a template and customize the look of your resume with minimal effort. You also have access to expert-recommended examples, which are helpful if you’re looking for content ideas to add to your resume. The package is fast and easy to use, so you can enhance your document by editing sections or generating a whole new one.

Pre-formatted templates make it easy to create a resume, giving you practical suggestions that work in your favour while also providing the option to develop a matching cover letter to increase your chances of getting hired. Zety is also beginner-friendly, making the process simple for people with little experience using this type of technology.

3. Wix – Resume Website Builders

Wix is a resume website builder that offers flexibility with its superior designs. Users can choose between two options: Wix Editor or Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). The classic editor service lets you select a template and add new elements based on your needs, while the ADI editor helps you customize content using your answers to a few simple questions. There are 23 templates to choose from in different categories. The mobile website is also device-friendly, allowing users to make changes anytime, anywhere.

Unique features of Wix include over 100 fonts, testimonial boxes, contact forms, and various visual elements, including video backgrounds, images, hover effects, and galleries. Apart from having several third-party features, it also offers powerful SEO functionality for its users. Although this website has a free plan, the most affordable paid program starts at around ₹399 per month.

4. Live Race

LiveCareer has been in the resume-building business for over 15 years, offering clients an eclectic range of 30 professional-looking templates. It allows you to import your current resume, use your recycling software, and choose a template based on your preferred style. You can customize the bullets in your document based on your experience level, industry, and job title.

More than 1,000 examples are available on this platform to help you know what an effective resume looks like. There is also a choice to make a cover letter to match your resume. Users can access various features such as a mobile app, job site, and career resources. LiveCareer offers unlimited access for 14 days at a nominal fee, after which there is a monthly subscription.

5. Canvas

Canva offers many customization options and templates of different types, including professional, modern, or casual designs. After you find a suitable template, you can customize it with your favourite colours, text, and fonts and rearrange the elements. Users can choose one price per resume or pay around ₹499 per month to purchase the Canva Pro service after a 30-day free trial period.

This website allows you to get creative with all the photos you include on your resume, as you can crop, straighten and customize them or use a variety of filters. Giving you many options for colour schemes, backgrounds, font styles, and text layouts, you can also add frames and borders to your document. With the Canva Print feature, you can also request a high-quality print of your CV or accept it as a PDF, JPG, or PNG.


Resume Website Builders help your resume stand out from the rest. It is a must because a CV is the first impression a potential boss has of you, and it might be the only one if they don’t like what they see. With so many changes to the way employers collect candidate information, it’s even more crucial to present a professional and polished overview of your authorizations and skills, so you can turn that application into an interview and go from there. , with luck, a job.

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