Free Page Builder – Creating a Gaming Website

Free Page Builder - Creating a Gaming Website


If you’re looking for ways to set up your Gaming Website in just a few clicks for free, we’ve got you covered. Building a great gaming website in the past has been very expensive and requires extensive knowledge of coding and how to perform other complex tasks. That being said, having little to no web design and coding experience meant hiring an expert to build your website at a high cost. With the free 8b page builder, your possibilities of having a custom website are endless.

8b Gaming Website Builder

8b Gaming Website Builder

8b is a free and straightforward online page builder that lets you create your Google-friendly gaming website in just a few steps. The website does not have a coding site builder but instead offers a variety of modern and beautiful templates for your startup. Also, the site has unlimited domain, hosting, SSL, SEO, Google AMP, PWA and site export.

Moreover, 8b Website Builders has a user-friendly interface with lots of customizations that make your newly created website unique. With such features, the site allows you to change your texts and colours and offers an easy way to replace your writings and videos.

More interesting still, 8b Website Builder is easy to use even if you are a student and know little about websites. Also, your site will load faster using the Google AMP base. With this, you will have high traffic and a faster conversion rate.

What is a Game Engine? – Gaming Website

A game engine is a style that developers use to run a game.

A game engine allows you to add:

  • physical
  • grab
  • representation
  • scenarios
  • Collision detection
  • artificial intelligence
  • and more without programming

Overall, we can quickly introduce the idea of game engines as enablers, providing game developers with tools to reduce development time.

Why Are Game Engines Important?

Game engines are reusable components that developers use to create the game framework.

If everyone built their games from scratch without the help of excellent game growth engines, games would take longer and be harder to make. That being said, there are still amply of big companies and even independent teams creating their proprietary engine. It gives them more time to focus on unique things like character models, textures, how objects interact, etc.

It requires the use of application interfaces such as DirectX, OpenGL, and XNA, as well as commercial and open-source libraries containing physics, scene graphics, and GUI libraries. Creating a game engine is not an easy task, but sometimes it is necessary if the game is different enough that no existing machine will work.

Creation of a Gaming Website

While other websites are fancy and need a coding professional to manoeuvre, creating a gaming site with the free 8b page builder is simple. You don’t need to be a headache to use this website because almost everything is ready for you. Now, to create a website with unique features, the following steps can be applied: first, you need to choose the theme of the game, then design your website content, and finally, publish your site.

Choose Your Game Theme

To build a great gaming website, you need to get the best theme ever. With the free 8b page builder, creating a gaming theme is not a far-fetched dream. You can check out the available template and use the best one for your site. Moreover, these fantastic templates have features that will help you create a solid website with the best turnover rate. With such ideas, you can give your website an ultra-modern look with little effort.

Some of the features that come with these themes include a selection of high-quality tools, premade page templates, and countless customization options with no upfront cost. What makes gaming models unique from others is their gaming-oriented features.

Ideally, your game theme should be attractive and visible, with all writing legible. That said, click “Select Here” on your 8b site and choose the best model for your game.

Site Content Design

With our premade game theme, you can follow the steps to design your site’s content in the steps below.

  • Decide on the type of game website – A game review site will be completely different from the community centre and the place where users play games live.
  • Decide your gaming niche – The gaming industry is vast and has many competitive games. That being said, you can choose the most profitable one to make your project a success. Decide if it should be a gaming site, a review site, or a community centre site.
  • Choose a domain name and a host
  • Customize your website: At this stage, you must modify the already created site. Fortunately, the process is simple.
  • On your newly created 8b game site, click the “Customize Section” icon and go to “View All Settings”. Click on it to open the second part of the menu. You can also go to the “Customize Section” and change the settings and design of your site.

Publish Your Site

With all the customization done in this step, the next exciting step is to publish your site. The process is simple and would only take a few minutes. After browsing the website and finding everything is fine, click on the hamburger, then click “Publish”, and your view will be published.

It looks great? That’s all. If you need to edit the posted content, you can close the post and then click on the hamburger. Once done, you will see the “Back to editing” icon on the top left corner and do your editing work.


While other gaming websites charge expensive startup fees and require basic web design knowledge, Free Page Builder provides an opportunity to build your site for free with simple steps.

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