How to Plan a Website with Google Web Designer?

How to Plan a Website with Google Web Designer_


Google Web Designer software is one such database with unique features. This innovative tool allows you to create HTML5-based responsive websites and advertising banners. It is a famous product of Google. Google Web Designer works according to WYSIWYG principles. It is the principle that you get what you see. It is cross-platform compatible and works well on Windows, Linux and Mac systems. This article is a quick overview of Google Web Designer and how to use it to design interactive websites.

How to Plan a Website With Google Web Designer?

How to Plan a Website with Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer Tool helps the user to create multiple pages and embed them into her website. As a flexible web design program, you can add 2D and 3D animations and transformations to your inserted content. In this environment, you can easily switch between design and code modes. This section contains tips and tricks related to websites created with the Google Web Designer app.

Stage 1:

Visit the official website of Google Web and download the app. Follow the wizard to install the program. Double-tap the tool icon to launch the app. Select Create a new file on the start screen to design an interactive website as desired.

Stage 2:

Select the HTML option from the left pane of the screen. You can now personalize empty files by specifying a name, location, web page title, and type of automation mode.

Stage 3:

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Drag and drop elements tools, objects such as text, labels, etc., into the workspace in the left pane. Adjust the colour, size and placement of the components using the parameters displayed on the right side of the screen.

Stage 4:

In the Google Web workspace, add text and edit it as “Menu”. In the pop-up window, select the object ID in the top menu and click Event -> Mouse -> Click -> CSS -> Set Style to set parameters for the inserted object. Next, give the thing on the right side of the screen an ID and create an event for that object by tapping Events at the bottom right of the window.

Making a website responsive requires special technical skills. Similarly, you need to insert the desired object into the workspace and edit the appropriate parameters to get the desired result. Working with this platform requires familiarity with the HTML programming language. Additionally, the user interface is a bit complicated, and it seems pretty difficult for beginners to start a mockup project. You can choose the best Google Web alternative to handle complex tasks easily.

The Mockitt App – Google Web Designer

Wondershare’s Mockitt is the best alternative to the Google Web app. It’s a great platform that allows you to create complex websites easily. It’s a tremendous online prototyping tool for designing web pages beyond your imagination. Unique tool that delivers impressive results for innovative ideas.

Features of the Mokitt App

  • Directly use elements from the “Asset Library” and freely access built-in templates to complete your web design quickly.
  • Customize and save widgets for future use
  • Make your website interactive by importing design files directly from the Links section.
  • Add 17 unique transitions and nine gestures to add magic to your website.
  • Create micro-animations without code in your web layouts.
  • Cloud editing capabilities allow designers to access files from anywhere without hesitation. Easily share files with friends and teammates.

Best Google Web Designer Alternatives

The Mockitt app is an online tool that allows you to create stunning web designs without downloading. All you take to do is follow the guidelines below to create an attractive website that suits your needs.

1: Start With an Empty Project

Go to the official website of this online prototyping tool and click “Create” at the top of the screen to create a project.

2: Personalize your Project

Mockitt lets you create projects compatible with mobile devices, TVs, tablets, watches, and more. Then enter a project name, select device compatibility. And, select a device model from the dropdown menu, and edit the project. Select as desired and save the customized project.

3: Add a Widget – Google Web Designer

Drag and drop the widgets you want onto the built-in tabs and customize them using the properties pane on the right side of the screen. You can also save edited devices for future work.

4: Screen Status Animation

Use the Screen State option to run interactive animations within the screen. Use screen state toggles to adjust image components such as colour, size, and position.

5: Insert Video into a Website

First, get the URL of your preferred video from the YouTube stage. Then paste the “Web Page” widget on the timeline. Finally, add the video to your website by pasting the URL into this element.

We had an insightful session on web design concepts for the Google Web submission. Also, Mockitt Tool is the best alternative to this program. And also, with a simple interface that will quickly captivate newbies. The Mockitt app allows you to create stunning websites and is the ultimate tool for design professionals. Choose this online prototyping program to handle complex projects with ease. Choose the Mockitt app to present a realistic website that fits your needs. It’s an excellent tool for delivering error-free websites in a short amount of time.


Google Web Designer is Google’s drag-and-drop page builder for Windows, Mac, and Linux for creating interactive HTML5 ads and other HTML5 content. It provides her GUI with standard design tools such as Text Tools, Shape Tools, Pen Tools, and 3D Tools integrated. Also, with Google Webfonts. The advertising feature set includes components for adding Google Maps, YouTube videos, etc., and for automatically having DoubleClick and AdMob tracking code events.

Google Web Designer’s Code View allows the user to create her CSS, JavaScript, and XML files, with syntax highlighting and code auto-completion to make writing error-free code easier. Also, Google Web is free to download and use.

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