Custom PC Building Websites

Custom PC Building Websites


If you’re looking for a new version of gaming PC Building Websites but would instead not income on the challenge of building it yourself, there are a variety of top sites that will do all the work for you. These are our favourite sites that offer incredible customization options, a wide range of parts available, and are accessible to us.

Why is this the best custom website for PC developers in 2023? – PC Building Websites

Why is this the best custom website for PC developers in 2023_ - PC Building Websites

Cyber ​​​​PowerPC offers a wide range of gaming PCs, from mid-range professional PCs to massive game consoles for avid gamers. Their PC configurator is perfect for people who are new to PCs. Cyber ​​​​PowerPC provides a 3-year PC warranty and a 1-year warranty.

Another advantage of CyberPowerPC is its accessibility. A primary CPU will cost you $15 less than the cheapest PC, which costs just $715. The website offers financing through Affirm so that you can pay for multiple things at once. A one-year warranty and unlimited PC support are provided. You can extend the contract to three years, but that comes with an additional payment.


Lifetime technical support

customization options

You can buy an embedded PC on Amazon

The Inconvenience

High price

Users’ PC version slow shipping

Cyber ​​PowerPC – Best For Beginners

Cyber ​​​​PowerPC is recognized for having a comprehensive series of parts, which types it one of the best PC-building websites. For as little as $769, you can build a simple gaming desk here. For serious gamers, there are even specialized gaming platforms. Thanks to Affirm, the website also offers financing options. Additionally, the website provides tools for creating custom PCs and laptops that allow you to pool coins based on how much you want to spend. You can choose your preferred settings or the game you want to play. Cyber PowerPC then builds PC components that adhere to your pre-specified FPS, resolve, and other specifications. If you wish your online orders to arrive faster, you can join Amazon Prime or pay for faster shipping.

iBuyPower – The Best Alternative to Cyber PowerPC

Consider that iBuyPower is a hybrid of CyberPowerPC and NZXT’s BLD. It has one of the top custom PC build interfaces and a large number of PCs and parts already configured. Because the site is always full of offers and promotions, it can be difficult for new visitors to find their way around. However, once you find your way, you get used to the platform.

A PC building program called EasyBuilder is also available on the iBuyPower website. Regarding the current processor, you can choose between AMD or Intel. Parameter customization filters include price, storage, unique visual memory capabilities, and more.

On most products, iBuyPower offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, a 15% purchase charge applies to the items you select. iBuyPower, however, is not responsible for any shipping charges or fees.

Today, iBuyPower, which sells a variety of desktop computers and PCs, is among the best-known services for building custom PCs. Most importantly, they sell various gaming accessories that are well-known among the eSports community.


Great custom build tool

It comes with a three-year warranty

Selection of quality components.

simple payment process

The Drawbacks

EasyPC complex builder

Origin PC – PC Building Websites (Best Desktop and Laptop PC Builder)

All Origin desktop and laptop builds, and classes are “customizable” to match the specs you choose. They offer custom desktops and laptops for gaming and business applications. They have tiny, mid-tower, full-tower, and super-tower form factor cases for their custom PCs.

It lets you customize your external component with different colours, lighting, and patterns. You can also change the pieces according to your tastes and exterior and interior designs. Origin offers users a 1-3 year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Considering the high customization of the Evo series, laptop enthusiasts find it appealing. You can choose from different themes for cover decoration and change memory and storage drives.

Desktop Advisor is inspired by the NZXT website and offers users multiple options to build their PC. Although more accessible, PC customization goes further. Although the procedure is somewhat technical, it is simple to add the finishing touches to your modded PC from there.

Origin PC offers a variety of payment options. Your best bet is to pay everything upfront or choose a six-month payment schedule, as the APR for longer-term purchases can be significant. You can also increase the warranty for Origin PCs from one year to three years. A significant downside is that they only ship to the US and Canada.


Various financing options

worldwide delivery available

Government and commercial sales program.

The Inconvenience

Very expensive

Limited Warranty Period

Deliveries to Canada and the United States only.

Puget Systems – PC Building Websites (Best Workstation PC Builder)

You are not looking for the best-looking website while customizing your PCs. The last custom PC builder on our list is Puget Systems, which, while less flashy than most PC building websites, is just as reliable as the rest. Their website isn’t the most spectacular or attractive (in fact, it looks relatively outdated in 2023), but most importantly, it’s easy to use and navigate.

You will immediately see that the platform focuses on more than just games. Instead, they mainly sell to professionals and offer a variety of workstations that the customer can quickly assemble depending on the PC program they are using.

A few words about the warranty: You automatically get a one-year warranty, but you can extend it even longer. On the other hand, the company provides lifetime repairs and hardware technical support.


Various workstation customization options

Lifetime labour and technical support

Easy-to-navigate platform

The Inconvenience

Short warranty period


We have listed the top custom PC-building websites in 2023. While there are many, these are the best considering the customization options and customer service they offer. The custom PC build websites in this article can help you select the best one for you.

Remember to cut off the PCs you want to buy or customize with other software in case of compatibility issues. It would help if you did this because some websites may have compatibility requirements that do not match their functionality.

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