What is Computer Programming? – 2023

What is Computer Programming_ - 2023


Computer programming is the creation of a series of programs that solve computer problems. Computer programming is the process of designing and developing applications or software or various computer programs to perform specific tasks within a computer. This process involves many tasks, such as analyzing the problem, generating algorithms to solve the problem, and examining the output produced.

Programming is entering instructions into a computer or machine that describe how to perform a task. The whole process of writing computer programs is known as computing programming. Programming also has another name, “coding”, and people who write code are called “programmers” or “coders”. Programmers use different programming languages ​​to code other parts of systems, such as software, hardware, and applications for computers and digital devices. It helps us use them for many tasks. Programming languages ​​for writing programs include:

C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, R, etc.

Definition of Computer Programming

Definition of Computer Programming

A computer program is a code that runs on a computer to perform a specific task. A programmer wrote this code.

In programming, machines give instructions describing how to execute a program. Programmers spend their entire careers learning different programming languages ​​and tools so that they can effectively program their computers.

A programmer first writes so-called source code using a code editor or her IDE. It is a collection of code written in a programming language that other programmers can read.

The source code must be translated into machine language so that the machine can understand the instructions and execute the program. The process of converting this source code into machine language does call compiling.

Examples of compiled programming languages ​​are C and C++.

Other languages don’t use compilers. Instead, these languages ​​use interpreters that read and execute code.

Examples of interpreted programming languages ​​are JavaScript and PHP.

Once the code remains executed, it can run computer programs. There are many computer programs, such as word processors, database systems, video games, and websites.

These computer programs allow you to interact with various software devices and services, such as phones, websites, and the computer itself.

What do Computer Programmers do?

A computer programmer’s main job is to write code. Code provides the computer with instructions written in a language that the computer understands. There are many programming languages ​​, and computer programmers usually know several languages.

Computer programmers can also:

  • Write and test encryption for programs and apps
  • Update existing software programs to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities
  • Testing and troubleshooting existing code
  • Rewrite existing code to move from one programming language to another

Type of Computer Programming Language

There are hundreds of programming languages. Developers first consider the needs of their application to determine which language is appropriate.

Here are some popular programming languages.

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • c#
  • Ruby
  • PHP

Some of these languages ​​are primarily used in the development arena, while others are more general-purpose programming languages.

JavaScript is mainly used in his web development and is the first programming language for newbies to learn web development. JavaScript can also remain used for mobile and game development.

Python can remain used in many areas, such as data analysis, machine learning, and web development.

Programming Languages ​​Fall Into Different Categories. Here is a List of Some Categories.

  • Machine Language – A low-level language consisting of 0’s and 1’s (binary). High-level languages ​​are compiled into machine language so that computers can execute the code.
  • Assemblage Language – An assembler collects it. Assemblers translate human code into machine code.
  • Procedural Languages ​​- This approach involves performing a series of steps before running a program on a computer. (Example: Gou and Juliet)
  • Scripting languages ​​– These languages ​​often don’t need to be compiled. They need to remain interpreted. (JavaScript, PHP, etc.) interpreted means that the interpreter reads the code and executes it instead of compiling it to machine code.
  • Functional Languages ​​- This works on the idea of ​​building complex programs through collections of small functions. (e.g. Haskell and Scala)
  • Object-Oriented Languages ​​- This works on the idea of ​​building a program around a collection of objects. (such as Java or Python)

There are many other software paradigms and languages ​​not covered in this article. But it should be a good start for different kinds of programming languages.


Computer programming is a gratifying career, both intellectually and financially. Programmers must be ready to learn new things and solve complex problems. Programming has many different areas to explore, including web, mobile, game development, and systems engineering. Some sites require formal training, while others are open to self-taught programmers.

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