Technology Consulting EY 10 Explanations

Technology Consulting EY 10 Explanations

Technology Consulting EY 10 Explanations (1)


Technology Consulting EY, due to the industry’s rapid growth, EY Czech Republic offers in-house consulting jobs for students and graduates. EY has around 300 employees working as consultants in various teams in the Czech Republic alone, and all are based in Prague, except for the development team in Ostrava. EY’s advisory team does not necessarily focus on one specific task, and there is always an opportunity to experiment with different types of projects. EY divides the advisory role into two basic groups management and technology consultants.

Business Consultant  – Technology Consulting EY

Business Consultant  - Technology Consulting EY

Business consulting is when companies engage business consultants to improve their processes. It can provide advice in a variety of industries, including:

  • Energy
  • Banking
  • Insurance and car
  • Waste management
  • Water management
  • Sustainability
  • Public sector
  • Supply chain
  • Shared Service Center

In general, this help improves processes for different customers. The team consists of 200 of her colleagues, 88 females, and 113 males, with an average age of 31 years for her.

Technology Advisor

EY’s technology consulting team supports companies in improving their IT systems. A technology consultant’s job is to provide cybersecurity and robotics advice by turning ideas into practical solutions. At EY Technology Consulting, they have over 80 colleagues (18 females and 65 males), and the average age of their employees is 33 years old. t other teams working with technology and IT include architects, analysts, and experts in cybersecurity, data analysis, IT audits, and robotic process automation. Additionally, Ostrava has a development team of analysts, project managers, developers, and testers.

Ten Reasons Why Ey

consulting can help you develop and improve both your soft and hard skills. These skills aren’t just the qualities you need for a business consulting or technology consulting job. Professional skills pave the way for success.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why working at EY is successful. 

1. Think Outside the Box

Every time you acquire new information, knowledge, or skills, you can see things differently. By understanding the situation and context, you can learn how to suggest possible solutions and improvements.

2. Versatility and Adaptability

When consulting at EY, we encourage working with a wide variety of people from various backgrounds. Sometimes they come from another team in the Czech Republic, from other overseas branches. Others have different types of employees and business environments, and everyone has to adapt. You will also learn how to use various tools and technologies.

3. Networking

You will be surrounded by a diverse group of experienced people for each project. IT will also give you a wide range of contacts that will help you in the future.

4. Critical Thinking

They don’t just take in information, and they critically evaluate it. EY consulting can help you put your ideas and arguments forward and effectively communicate your message to various stakeholders.

5. Independence

Teamwork is important. However, consulting at EY also encourages you to take ownership by contributing your ideas and making independent and rapid decisions.

6. Resilience

Learn to improve your overall resilience, deal with stress positively, and increase your resilience. It is accomplished by presenting results in front of clients or traveling worldwide.

7. Construction

EY consulting can help raise discipline, structure, and organizational awareness.

8. Improvisation

All EY consulting positions, as well as commercial and technical positions, need to respond quickly to changing conditions. You will be asked to take action on the spot.

9. Diplomacy and Compromise

Learn to speak diplomatically, moderate discussions, and build consensus among diverse audiences.

10. Sympathy

Most importantly, learn to listen to others actively. To help them learn to understand their point of view. You can read between the lines and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

EY consulting helps you gain insight and knowledge in large and small strategic decisions. Management and technology consultant jobs are open to all undergraduate and graduate students who want to contribute to building a better world of work. But be careful with the competition. If you want to be a factor in the success of companies, EY Consulting may be the job for you.


As a technology consulting ey, we help companies adapt, transform, seize opportunities, and mitigate the risks associated with digital transformation. We help clients solve their toughest strategic problems, delivering high-quality, actionable recommendations from strategy to execution.

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